In the city centre of Nantes, come to test our breakfasts, brunchs and bagels.

Choose your dishes for a little something or a big hunger.

If your like to take time, alone, with friends or family, enjoy our room and unlimited coffee.

For those in a hurry : the take away dishes.


Shefferville Café is a coffee shop and a restaurant proposing dishes, snacks and drinks for each moment of the day. On the morning you can find breakfasts, and brunchs on Sunday, bagels and salads for the lunch and sweeties all day long. You can find unlimited coffee with them. These dishes are inexpensive in order to be available for everybody, to make them enjoy American and Canadian flavours.

What is a bagel ?

A bagel is a circle-shaped rolling pin, with a firm texture, made from a organical leavening agent dough. It is cooked in hot water and then oven-baked.

These ten centimeter diameter breads are garnished of cream cheese, smoked salmon, and other ingredients depending on their availibility and the cooker’s imagination. They can be plain, but also flavoured with sesame, caraway, popy seeds or fried onions…

What is a brunch ?

A brunch is a kind of meal you can have between around 11 am and 3 pm. It combines dishes and drinks from breakfast and lunch. It generally begins with the sweet dishes. « Brunch » is an English word that mixes « breakfast » and « lunch ».

On a brunch table, you can find all the sweet elements of a continental breakfast : tea, coffee, chocolate, fuit juices for dinks, and pastries, toasts, slices of bread, butter, jams, honey. With the Anglo-Saxon influence, you can also taste pancakes, cereals with milk, and especially savoury dishes, mainly scrambled, fried eggs and omelette, served with cheese or bacon. You also propose sausages, sometimes roasts, salads, poultries and cold fishes.